Ubuntu – Activate SSH Server

Once nice thing about Apple products is they work the way you think they should, and…you’re done. Linux is free, and has gotten a lot better–but it doesn’t always work the way it should. Every now and then, it has these…things…that make it really hard to recommend to novice users. Activating SSH services is one […]

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Ubuntu CD to FLAC

Oddly enough–or maybe not–Ubuntu doesn’t come pre-installed w/abcde (a better cd encoder), my favorite method to rip & encode music from a cd to my hard drive for discless playback. That’s cray cray!

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Power On, Computer

What I find amazing about computers is how simple, and similar, they all are. Yet, when we buy them wrapped in plastic shells and are told “Don’t touch that”, they quickly becomes kin to magical artifacts.  How do they work? Why do they work?  If it breaks, what do we do? Computer stores seem to […]

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What is a computer?

Computers are everywhere–in our phones, watches, stoves, washing machines, thermostats and door bells; each seems different, and yet they are all roughly the same.  That is the good news–although computers are complex, if you take the time to understand one computer, you can understand each computer form.  I am pained when I hear “I don’t […]

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