What is a computer?

Computers are everywhere–in our phones, watches, stoves, washing machines, thermostats and door bells; each seems different, and yet they are all roughly the same.  That is the good news–although computers are complex, if you take the time to understand one computer, you can understand each computer form.  I am pained when I hear “I don’t […]

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OSX Retrofit

My aging 2011 MacBook Pro (MBP) needed an operating system (OS) reinstall…been putting it off for far too long.   It was running uber slowly, and was so slow that instead of using it, I didn’t. That’s a shame and a waste–my MBP can do more then draw spinning cheerios of death. Plan My plan […]

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As I have gotten older, the projects, side projects, and explorations have piled up beyond measure.  Dabbles and notes within text files fell to the wayside as devices aged to retirement, content dutifully carried forward and forgotten. Information is no longer the currency of the modern age; inundated with information, and the tools by which […]

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